Eliminate your plants CO2 emissions by applying the Oxyfuel process and Carbon2Chem®

CO2 can be a valuable resource and is the key to achieve carbon neutrality.

The excessive release of CO2 within the cement industry drives climate change. Today’s CO2 emissions from cement plants contribute to 7 % of the global CO2 emissions. Implementing new processes like Oxyfuel and Carbon2Chem® in your plant can take you a huge step further to achieve carbon neutrality in the long run.

Carbon2Chem® – A cross‐industry approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The objective of the Carbon2Chem project is convert steel mill gases into base chemicals – including the CO2 contained in them. This means that the greenhouse gas is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. And: The energy required for the conversion comes from renewable sources. The concept can be adapted for use in other CO2-intensive sectors, such as the cement industry, as well.

Both technologies show the power of creating synergies between different industries and that CO2 can be isolated and reused as raw material for valuable chemicals.



01 Save costs on CO2 emission certificates
02 Solve tomorrow’s climate problems today
03 Contribute in decreasing the global warming
04 Stay competitive today and in the future
05 Differentiate on the market offering CO2 free cement
06 Create valuable resources from CO2
07 Save our planet for future generations
08 Act as a pioneer when it comes to carbon neutrality
09 Stay accepted by the society
10 Save your operating license for future times
Oxyfuel – capturing of CO2 with oxygen
First Generation oxyfuel process for cement industry
CO2 recycling
Use of renewable energies to go from Grey2Green
Generate valuable resources out of carbon
thyssenkrupp offers complete value chains for green hydrogen, energy storage and sustainable chemicals

Lead the industry in sustainability

Given that the raw rock contains CO2, emissions cannot be completely avoided
Until today there was no holistic solution to isolate and utilize CO2 in large scales
Solution offers synergies and cost savings: significantly reduced size of your kiln line, incineration of very low quality fuels and no thermal NOx emissions from atmospheric nitrogen due to polysius® pure oxyfuel process
With cement plants contributing to 7 % of global CO2 emissions, social and political pressure on carbon neutrality will increase
Retrofit of your existing plant possible using the conventional oxyfuel process developed with the European Cement Research Academy
Countries worldwide tighten their CO2 regulations and increase costs for emissions certificates annually
Operate your new cement plant carbon neutral applying the polysius® pure oxyfuel process and Cabon2Chem
The expectations of circular economy are rising, act now as a pioneer
Most industrial countries have a declared goal: carbon neutrality
We are committed to ensuring that your investments in new solutions are protected from dirty cement reimports
We believe green cement will soon be a sales argument in public tenders
The financial market demands evidence of sustainable action and excludes groups from sustainable equity funds
Secure competitive advantages and cost savings through future-proof investments
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions developed a more efficient way of separating your CO2: the polysius® pure oxyfuel process


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Duisburg, Carbon2Chem® pilot plant
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