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Realizing the vision of the green polysius® cement plant worldwide

What makes a grey matter green? For cement, it’s leaving the smallest possible footprint over the material’s whole lifecycle. Since pollutant emissions during cement production account for a significant share of its environmental impact, this stage is where our green polysius® cement plant makes a real difference.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx), ammonia (NH3) and – above all – carbon dioxide (CO2) are the pollutants that dominate public debate on environmental impact. Cutting these emissions and reducing the use of raw materials, water, fuels, coal and gas is a global challenge thyssenkrupp helps tackle with our polysius® product family brand. While the mission for producers and solution providers is clear, the focus varies between regions and countries due to different environmental challenges and regulatory frameworks.

We at thyssenkrupp have developed over 250 turnkey EPC plants since the 1970s that set standards in the industry, making us an established key player in our main markets in Europe, the Middle East and North and West Africa, India, China, South America (incl. Mexico) as well as Southeast Asia. Through our offices and service bases on all five continents, we know regional and country-specific demands intimately.

China, for example, is expected to introduce stricter NOx emission limits in several regions. Since China has a tradition of introducing new policies swiftly, cement manufacturers that do not yet comply with expected limits must prepare soon to avoid having their plants switched off. And in European countries, increasing costs for CO2 certificates lead manufacturers to push measures to reduce CO2 emissions – such as increasing the fossil fuels substitution rate – even harder.

Spotting regional needs is in fact one driver for our R&D efforts and led to the formulation of the green cement plant: our frontrunner products are not only compliant with local regulations for years to come, but partially overfulfill regional regulations and emission limits.

"As plant constructors, we see it as our particular​ duty to develop processes and technologies that enable​ sustainable cement production for our customers worldwide."

Pablo Hofelich
CEO of the Cement Technologies Business Unit of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions​

Europe and other countries

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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG


Dr. Björn-Olaf Assmann
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions


Vishwanathan Balasubramanian
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

France and Africa

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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions S.A.S.

south-east asia

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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Vietnam) Ltd.

North america

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South America

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