Cut the excess

NOx reduction means being compliant with emission limits and protecting the environment and wildlife.

In an increasing number of countries reduced NOx and NH3 emissions are required by law. Plants that do not comply with limits will be switched off. Plant operators who reduce NOx and NH3 emissions are acting in an environmentally responsible way. They must meet the expectations of politicians, society, and their local community. Our CemCat SCR solution aims to improve air quality through the after-treatment of exhaust gas and process optimization measures. This is an investment in the future for us – the economy, environment, and society as a whole.



01 Implement solutions you can rely on and that are both environmentally friendly and economical
02 Lower your emissions and exceed local regulations
03 Improve air quality
04 Know that you have implemented state-of-the-art SCR technology and have done your best
05 Be a responsible and respectful member of the community
06 Deploy future-proof technology that saves you from making investments for many years
07 Rely on cost-effective technology directly from the beginning
08 Benefit from local contacts
High dust arrangement
Savings on NH3-injection

Lead the industry in sustainability

Trust the number one authority in High-Dust SCR solutions and avoid your plant being shut down
Legally binding exposure limits can be implemented at any time and require future-proof investments
Our solutions provide a sound argument when entering into dialog with local politicians, residents, and NGOs
Deal with the NOx and NH3 emission reductions required by law and let us accompany you into the future
It’s more than implementation; it’s about high-quality service and maintenance with a true partner by your side
Our CemCat SCR solution efficiently reduces NOx emissions and the associated costs



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