Reduce NOx in the cement plant

Comply with emissions limits and protect the environment by reducing NOx

In an increasing number of countries, NOx emissions limits regulated by law are set to become even stricter. Cement plants that fail to comply with these regulations risk being switched off. With its CemCat SCR solution, thyssenkrupp already offers the technology needed to significantly reduce NOx emissions down to 100 mg/Nm³. Additionally, CemCat SCR technology can lead to an 60% reduction in propane and ethane emissions. The solution improves air quality through the after-treatment of exhaust gas and various process optimization measures. This allows cement plant owners to comply with strict regional regulations and take a huge leap forward in protecting the environment from acid rain and the other negative effects of NOx emissions.

Cut the excess with CemCat SCR

Significant improvements in catalytic scrubbing in a high-dust process have made CemCat SCR a reliable technology that fulfils the specific needs of the cement industry. As a professional partner, thyssenkrupp offers the necessary expertise and the comprehensive services required for more sustainable and cost-effective cement production.
  • Precisely and custom-designed low-maintenance scrubbers based on parameters determined by engineers in the planning stage.
  • Comprehensive expertise in dust handling and cleaning to prevent hard coatings and clogging.
  • Personnel training after installation of the SCR system, for autonomous plant operation.
  • Preventive annual maintenance with no downtime: The SCR system is designed to provide exhaust gas flaps with seal air, which allows maintenance work during kiln operation while guaranteeing the highest occupational safety standards.
  • Measurement of the catalyst performance and conversion levels of nitrogen oxides to ensure smooth operation of the SCR.
  • Comprehensive support not only during the implementation of new catalyst elements, but also in disposing of the old catalyst material in compliance with regional regulations.

thyssenkrupp offers flexible CemCat SCR systems that can be adapted to any process condition in new or existing cement plants. For installation in an existing plant, the system is ideally integrated, which saves space and causes minimal interference in kiln operation.

thyssenkrupp’s expertise in the SCR process is supplemented by experience with SNCR technology. SNCR technology is combined with an SCR system and integrated in an overall optimized concept, keeping investment and operating costs at a minimum. This concept is also highly flexible and equipped to handle changing operating conditions.

The CemCat SCR system not only eliminates emissions but, thanks to its high-dust setup, it ensures the reliability and high performance of the catalyst. Dust cleaning is essential in high-dust SCR plants to ensure that the nitrogen oxides are converted in the catalyst with maximum efficiency. Blockages in the honeycomb channels result in a greater drop in pressure, higher energy consumption, and increased wear of the catalyst elements. Catalyst dust cleaning is performed using dust blowers that have been optimized to meet the rigorous demands of the cement process in terms of reliability and energy consumption.

The SCR design guarantees that the catalyst is used to its full potential. It ensures optimal gas distribution to maximize the efficiency of the catalytic converter.

While the reactor house is heated to operating temperature, the SCR housing expands significantly. This is accounted for with a sophisticated, decoupled suspension system between the steel construction and the SCR housing.

Benefits of polysius® NOx reduction

  • Implement state-of-the-art SCR technology you can rely on and that is both environmentally friendly and economical
  • Lower your emissions, improve air quality and exceed requirements set by local regulations
  • Get custom-designed low-maintenance SCR technology based on your parameters as determined by our engineers in the planning stage
  • Benefit from flexible SCR systems that are modular and adaptable to any process condition in any new or existing cement plant
  • Gain advantages from connecting with our local contacts and partners



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Head of CemCat
Maerz Ofenbau AG


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Sales Departement (Cement)
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (China) Co., Ltd.


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